Dog Accessories That Make Life Easier

There are so many aspects of being a dog owner that it rivals parenthood. You’re responsible for your pet’s health, nutrition, safety and much more. Anytime there’s a gadget or product you can invest in to make life easier, it’s worth considering.


Think of your pet’s needs and happiness. There’s probably an accessory that can help you meet their demands. Take for instance, safety. You watch your dog, but sometimes, they might get out of the fence or dart out the door.


One type of accessory that can help you keep your canine friend safe is a pet tracker. There are many different kinds, but one of the most popular ones is the Tagg Pet GPS Plus, which can locate your dog anywhere in the United States.


Food is another necessity that your dog has. You can automate the process by using an accessory like the PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder. This feeder is sold in two or five meal options, and it helps you ensure your pet’s meals get addressed during the day, even preventing overeating if your dog has a weight problem.


Dog waiting for Food


What about playtime? Sometimes, your dog may need a little more activity, when you’re feeling drained at the end of a hard day. Check out the iFetch machine. It will teach your dog to fetch the balls and put them back into the machine, where they’ll be shot out across the room again.


Do you have the type of dog who likes to accompany you on long walks in the neighborhood? If so, you might want to consider getting the Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser for Pet. This is a portable water bottle that flips open and lets the dog drink from it, ensuring you keep them well hydrated.


Does your canine pal like to ride in the car with you? If so, you might worry that your dog will be a big distraction, and some pets do try to climb into your lap, causing an obvious hazard.


Dog Vest


If you get the Backseat Pet Barrier, you won’t have to worry about this type of situation anymore. It provides a nice mesh wall between your front and back seat, so that your dog can’t have freedom to roam around the automobile.


If you live in an area that’s hot during the summer, you’ll want to consider getting your dog the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest for Dogs. This is a vest that you soak in cold water and wring out before putting it on your dog.


This helps him stay cool in the hot sun. All you have to do if you’re going on an extra-long hike, is carry some water in a bottle with you and rewet the vest as needed when your pooch is getting overheated.

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