Taking Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

Your dog has become a special part of your family. He provides companionship and devotion to you without asking for much in return. You’ll want your dog to stay around for as long as possible, so keeping him healthy is important.


The one thing most people forget when it comes to taking care of their dogs is that their teeth also need to be taken care of.  We know that wild dogs keep their teeth free from plaque because they chew on raw bones, which are a natural scraper of plaque that also helps to remove any soft meat that may get stuck between their teeth that would normally cause bacteria to grow rapidly.


You need to remember that your dog isn’t like a wild animal – he needs your help from the bacteria that causes bad breath and other issues.  Your dog generally eats soft canned food or small chunks of hard food, so these aren’t going to provide him much for natural teeth care like the raw bones that wild dogs chew on.


If your dog is special to you, help him out and take care of his teeth for him.  The first thing you need to do is to let them chew on raw bones regularly – at least a couple of times a week.


Dog with Bone

It doesn’t have to be your soup bone – it could be a rawhide bone you can find in your local pet store. They’ll instinctively chew on the bone and the plaque can easily be scraped off and any soft meat that may be stuck between their teeth will get loosened up before any problems can occur.


If the bone isn’t working, or if they just aren’t interested in chewing on bones, then you should take his mouth care into your own hands and brush them with toothpaste. Don’t give him the same toothbrush and toothpaste that you would use.


You can find special brushes and toothpaste for your dog at the local pet store. Brushing them daily is preferred, but if it’s not feasible, then brush them at least 3-4 times weekly.


Dog with Toothbrush


Scrub the teeth well and massage the gums also to provide for good circulation within his gums. Get rid of any food that gets stuck in his teeth.  The hard, dry food is always better than soft food when it comes to cleaning his teeth.


It’s not a substitute for proper cleaning, but it does help to some degree, so make sure he gets to ingest dry food as well as soft, canned versions. Even dog biscuits can help since they’re hard and dry and can help remove any plaque.


Have the vet inspect his mouth and teeth every time you take your dog in for a checkup. They can spot anything that you may have missed and they can offer advice on how to clean the teeth better or what foods you could give to your dog to naturally help clean the teeth and keep bacteria at bay.


It’s better to treat the teeth before things get out of hand and get more expensive for you also.  Keep your dog around for your family for as long as you possibly can by keeping him healthy and keeping his teeth healthy, too.


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